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If you have decided to make your presence online then along with designing your website both functional and appealing you also need to give a suitable domain name for the website and host it online with the help of website hosting provider to make the website visible on the internet platform. So you need to look out for a reliable hosting provider who can offer you domein check to see whether the domain name that you intend for your website is available or have to look for an alternative which are actually registered with the ICANN through the authorized domain name registrars. The domain monitor offered by the company checks the name that you have entered within seconds whether available for domeinnaam registreren your website. You can also check out popular extensions, Asian or European extension to localize your site and generate more traffic to your website.


Once you had the domein registered you can check out various goedkope webhosting services available like shared hosting, private hosting, virtual hosting plans and so on depending on your requirement and you can actually lookout for a company who has good experience in webhosting services and can offer you high uptime, excellent services, green hosting and daily backups on their distributed servers for the online visitors to access your website 24/7 on the internet. You can actually check out different plans being offered by the hosting provider that decides the amount of disc space or web space allotted for your website on their server and also the traffic you receive for the site. You can choose this disc space and bandwidth from the server depending on the traffic that you are going to receive for the site and pay for only that by means of choosing a suitable package from the web hosting provider.

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The hosting services includes features like direct admin CP, virus and spam filter, webmail, statistics, PHP5, MYSQL5, installation start package, daily backups and also help desk support. With the mini hosting package you can receive 200MB of space, 4GB/m traffic, 10 email accounts, 1 database and auto responder that you can check out for 1.4 Euro dollars per month. However, if you would like to increase these specifications you can always checkout for a more advanced package being offered by the service provider for an all time up of your website on the internet.
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